Welcome to problem parrots, I am Rebecca I am the rehoming director.

I am owned by 3 African Greys, Timneh Grey, 2 Alexandrines, Male Eclectus, Red Lord Amazon and a Quaker.

I got into parrot rescue by accident when unfortunately, I had an Alexandrine who escaped 8 years. Eric was never found so I wanted to do something in his memory and that's when I got involved in parrot rescues.

Around 5 years ago I joined Problem Parrots as a welfare officer and this is where my passion for a bird's welfare has become my focus on anything I do around any birds.

I have safe housed birds from a budgie up to a macaw and this is where I have found my love of greys, I just adore them from plucked to the aggressive ones, I don't care they just fascinates me.

During my time with Problem Parrots I have raised thousands of pounds through our fundraising page and I've even jumped off a 5000ft high mountain paragliding to raise much need vet funds for the charity. 

In September 2018 I joined the rehoming team and loved it that much that in October 2018, I took on the role of Rehoming Director and I absolutely love it. I have a great team behind me who really do put the bird's welfare before any decisions are made in rehoming the birds and rightly so.

I am also currently in between my flock, problem parrots and my full-time job studying a diploma in Parrot Studies & Behaviours - there's never a day goes by without educating yourself on these beautiful feather birds, we should be honoured having them in our lives.

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