Welcome to problem parrots, I am Hollie the charities advice director.

My love for parrots started when I was young, I grew up with small birds including budgies, cockatiels and love birds. When I was a teenager my auntie bought an African grey and this was when my love for birds really started.

I worked for the UK's Largest parrot rescue for many years as a safehouse and then area coordinator before supporting the rehoming team.  

                           I have been lucky enough to share my life with a variety                              of species of parrots from budgies to macaws, this has                                given me lots of valuable hands on experience in                                          changing behaviours that people may face with their birds.

My role within Problem Parrots is advice/support Director, this gives me the opportunity to work with owners and their birds to try and modify behaviours which they find challenging within their homes that can ultimately lead to them not being able to care for their feathered friend any longer. My work supports the owners to ensure they have the guidance and practical experience to work with their birds, so they can once again live harmoniously together.

Seeing the birds safe, happy and thriving with their families makes the job very worthwhile!

My own birds are all rescues, I'm owned currently by a moluccan cockatoo and a macaw which very much keep me busy. 

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