Welcome to problem parrots, I am Steve the charity welfare director.

My first encounter with parrots was when I was very young, my grandparents had an aviary full of budgies, cockatiels and rosellas.

I was always very interested in animals whilst growing up, and I first owned parrots from my late teens..

My involvement with parrot rescues happened when I required a holiday home during the time I was moving home, and this was where I reached out to the UK’s largest parrot rescue for support.

I have worked for numerous charities over the years and gained lots of valuable hands on experience from many different species I have looked after.

My Role within Problem Parrots is welfare director. I am responsible for managing the team of welfare officers all over the country and strategically managing the collection, safehouse and rescue of any bird needing our help. I am also the first contact via the info email address to offer first line support to owners who may be struggling. 

My own home is complete with a mix of species from macaws to budgies who are all trouble but very much fun! 

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